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SSD vs HDD – From a Website Hosting Perspective

When you look at hosting plans today, you will find many hosts advertising SSD Hosting plans with fervour. A quick research online can tell you that SSDs are Solid State Drives that are used by web hosts as core storage devices for their hosting services. SSDs are more efficient than the traditional HDDs or Hard Disk Drives and also costlier than HDDs. In this article, we will compare an HDD with an SSD from a web hosting perspective to help you make the right decision.

The traditional HDDs had rotating hard disks that were prone to damage. SSDs have no physically moving parts but memory chips like those in USB drives. These chips give SSDs a faster data transfer time and a higher seek time (the time taken to locate the data).

Comparing HDDs and SSDs from a web hosting perspective

Efficiency of operationHDDs are slower than SSDs and have long waiting periods between two requestsSSDs have great read/write speeds and can seek data at an amazing speed. They can also skip the waiting periods between two requests and enhance the performance of the server.
Reliability of ResourcesHDDs had physically rotating parts that made them prone to damage due to wear and tear. Hence, they were not highly reliable.SSDs have no physically moving parts and rely on ICs for data storage. This makes them more reliable than HDDs.
CostsHDDs are much cheaper than SSDs. While manufacturers are trying to reduce the costs of SSDs, the difference is still noticeable.SSDs are slowly getting affordable. However, they are more cost-efficient than HDDs due to their increased reliability and enhanced performance levels.
Power usageHDDs tend to consume more power since they have physically moving partsSSDs are designed to be power-friendly. Also, faster
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