May 25, 2024


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DIY Arduino Due TEA5767 FM Radio

DIy Arduino FM radio enclosure with the lid off, showing the electronics inside

Older hackers will keep in mind that a crystal established radio receiver was normally a single of the 1st initiatives tried.  Situations have changed, but there’s still a thing magical about collecting invisible signals from the air and listening to the radio on a home made receiver. [mircemk] has introduced the strategy suitable up to day by developing an FM radio with an OLED show, managed with a rotary encoder.

The style is fairly easy, centered as it is on a different undertaking that [mircemk] observed on a Chinese internet site, but the establish appears to be incredibly slick and would take pleasure of position on any hacker’s workbench. An Arduino Because of kinds the coronary heart of the undertaking, controlling a TEA5767 module, an SH1106 128×64 pixel OLED exhibit and a rotary encoder. The audio sign is passed through an LM4811 headphone amplifier for personal listening, and a PAM8403 Course D audio amplifier for the constructed-in loudspeaker. The enclosure is built from PVC panels, and accented with coloured adhesive tape for type.

It’s simpler than ever ahead of to promptly place jointly projects like this by connecting pre-developed modules and downloading code from the Online, but that does not suggest it’s not a worthwhile way to increase your expertise and make some helpful products like this one. There are so a lot of means obtainable to us these times and standing on the shoulders of giants has often been a great way to see farther.

We have revealed some other radio projects working with Arduinos and the TEA5767 IC in the earlier, such as this 1 on a tidy customized PCB, and this one built into an aged radio case.