May 25, 2024


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Fake Joe Rogan interviews fake Steve Jobs in an AI-powered podcast

Fake Joe Rogan interviews fake Steve Jobs in an AI-powered podcast

AI-generated illustration of three Steve Jobs faces.
Enlarge / Which Steve Positions is the true a single?

Ars Technica

A voice synthesis enterprise dependent in Dubai released a fictional podcast job interview in between Joe Rogan and Steve Work working with practical voices digitally cloned from the two guys. It can take spot in the course of the “very first episode” of a purported podcast collection termed “,” designed by, which sells voice synthesis providers.

In the interview, you very first listen to a replication of Rogan’s voice produced by voice cloning technological innovation equivalent to that which we have coated right before on Ars. Deep studying engineering has permitted AI styles to replicate distinctive voices with a substantial degree of precision, these types of as in the situation of Darth Vader in Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Tv set series.

To reach the result, somebody must initial train the AI model on existing samples of the voice that will be cloned. Rogan is a prime focus on for AI voice schooling by deep studying types mainly because ample portions of his isolated voice exist on his podcasts. In simple fact, The Verge protected a PR stunt by an AI organization named Dessa synthesizing Rogan in 2019.

Exactly where this occasion of AI tomfoolery gets additional exciting is that Engage in addition roped in the voice of deceased Apple CEO Steve Work. His voice, even though robotically choppy at moments, recalls his Apple keynotes and All Factors Digital interviews from the late 2000s. And Engage promises that the textual content of the job interview was produced by AI as well, potentially from a large language model (LLM) equivalent to GPT-3.

“Transcripts are generated with great-tuned language versions,” writes on the website. “For instance, the Steve Work episode was trained on his biography and all recordings of him we could obtain on the web so the AI could properly provide him back again to life.”

In preserving with its LLM roots, the 19-minute job interview does not make a lot feeling. Immediately after a although, pieces of the fictional interview commence to sound like conceptual mashups of widespread Work opportunities speaking factors, together with aesthetics, revolutionary solutions, competitors these as Google, Microsoft, and Adobe, and the triumphs of the initial Macintosh.

For example, throughout a portion of the interview, faux Work opportunities delves into criticism of Microsoft that is incredibly comparable the what the actual Jobs stated in a popular 1995 job interview for Triumph of the Nerds, but it’s not a carbon copy—and you can inform the voice is synthesized if you look at the two. “That’s the problem I’ve normally experienced with Microsoft,” faux Positions claims. “In quite a few means they are smart people and they’ve done fantastic function, but they have never had any taste. They have hardly ever had any aesthetic perception.”

Regardless of whether it really is legal to use Jobs’ or Rogan’s vocal likenesses in this manner—particularly to boost a commercial product—remains to be witnessed. And inspite of the PR-stunt nature of the podcast, the thought of fully fictional celeb podcasts bought our attention. As voice synthesis becomes far more widespread and potentially undetectable, we’re searching at a upcoming wherever media artifacts from any period will probable be totally fluid and malleable, shapeable to match any narrative. In this certain fictional world, Work opportunities is a substantial Rogan fan.

“It really is nice to sit again in the auto and hear to you rant,” he claims.