March 2, 2024


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How to Get Rid of Antivirus GT – Remove This Spyware in One Step!

Antivirus GT is fake software designed to infiltrate your system through security holes in your PC. This nasty badware is a brother of the fake removal tool Antivirus7. The software looks sleek and legit with its bells and whistles, when in fact, all it wants to do is trick you into wasting money on a “full license.” It also tries to weasel its way into your system to steal your personal information. We cannot afford to risk identity theft and data corruption. We have to get rid of Antivirus GT quickly.

When you’re infected with this virus, you will notice the scans at every reboot. Your system will slow down, and your internet browsing will be compromised with pop-ups and redirects. You also may be unable to open programs, and will receive system errors. It is the goal of this virus to make your PC experience so difficult that you cough up your credit card for the fake “full license.”

You may receive alerts such as “Internet Shield; identity theft attempt detected,” “Warning! Identity theft attempt detected,” “Antivirus GT Resident Shield: Virus detected! Warning! Active virus detected,” or “Attention! Threats found! Attention! 55 threats found!” These are signals that you’re infected with this particular spyware.

We know better than to give our credit card to hackers hiding across the world. We have to remove Antivirus GT, and the way we will do so is either manually or automatically. The manual method involves editing your system’s registry, in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. A full listing of the files and applications that must be blocked can be found on my website, but it is absolutely critical that a beginner does not edit the registry. A single registry error can leave you worse off than before, with a computer that no longer turns on.

Because of this small margin for error I suggest automatic removal to friends and family, and its why I use it myself. Not only can you clean your PC with a few clicks, but you will also more importantly be protected against the next brutal wave of internet viruses. Our private information and our personal identity is worth too much to risk.

Sick of the viruses and the slow computer? Remove Antivirus GT the easy way! Start with a free scan and get your PC finally fast again!