June 18, 2024


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How To Make Your Well Optimized Website

If you want to build a new website or redesign your existing website, you have to develop it by considering a search engine optimization perspective. Google’s goal is to give its users the most relevant, high-quality search engine results as accurately and quickly as possible. Google has rolled out several other updates to Panda, radically changing how thousands of websites are ranked. 

The websites that were considered high-quality sites got their rankings improved. At the same time, those of supposed low-quality virtually removed from ranking at the top in SERP. So, one thing that comes to mind is how we can make our websites better that can be seen as high-quality in the eyes of Google?

Here are the following tips to make your site optimized for Google

Focus on Content Quality

Google is fond of relevant, informative content. But it is one that is often uncared for; we have to make a webpage that is dedicated to developing high-quality, original content. Always write content under your business niche that visitors would like to share or recommend or bookmark.

Google specifically likes informative content, what they look for in a high-quality site, so focusing on quality content is a better idea to draw the attention of search engines.

Avoid Too Many Ads

One should avoid too many advertisements on the webpage. Having too many publications and ads can make Google think that the site exists only to serve ads rather than provide trustworthy information.

Design for Engagement and User Experience

Search engines see websites as human visitors do. Thus the design of a website is going to play a much more critical role in how a website gets ranked than early it was treated.

The Panda update looks more precisely at several metrics to see how user-friendly and engaging a web page is. Some factors that focus on website quality, user engagement, and user experience are given below:

  • Page response time
  • Conversion rates
  • Time spent on the website
  • Number of web pages per visit
  • Bounce rate

These factors tell how much a website can keep visitors engaged. Well-designed websites are more attractive, pleasing, and more comfortable to understand.

Thus, a comprehensive and cutting edge SEO company in New Orleans goal is to design a website with a rich user experience that can draw an audience for their clients website. It must be made sure that the site is well optimized for speed.

Spelling and Grammar

Poor spelling and bad grammar degrade the website prominence. It’s astonishing to know that many websites suffer from poor spelling and bad grammar. Google weighs up the quality content of websites.

So, the reputable well-designed websites tend to spell better than that lower website Rank that doesn’t have proper grammar in their WebPages.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid using the same content being displayed on WebPages. Each web page should have its unique content and tell the user what that page is about. Each web page should also have its unique Meta description and Meta title attributes.