July 14, 2024


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How to Spot a Fake Chloe Bag

How to Spot a Fake Chloe Bag

Chloe is a popular handbag label. They remain a premier fashion designer that pumps out high quality handbags consistently. And unlike other labels like Coach and Dooney & Bourke, Chloe has not started outsourcing their manufacturing to China. Chloe continues to manufacture the majority of their handbags in Italy. And because they remain a high-end label, naturally, there are many counterfeit Chloe bags on the market. But with some simple tips, a shopper can avoid many of the fake Chloe bags that saturate the viral marketplace.

One important note to remember is that Chloe does not wholesale, or sell factory seconds. Beware of any seller claiming that the low price is due to a wholesale program etc. Most authentic discounted Chloe bags online will generally be pre-owned handbags.

Because counterfeiters will use cheaper materials in their handbags, the metal accents and hardware are great places to look for authenticity clues. Cheaper metals are generally lighter than the higher quality brass that Chloe utilizes. And a fake Chloe Paddington bag will generally display hardware that is lighter when compared to an authentic bag. For instance, the padlock on an authentic Chloe Paddy should weigh about one pound. In many cases, the fake Chloe bags will have a padlock that weighs less. However, in the case that a fake handbag has the correct weight, (so that the hardware is indecipherable based on weight alone), there will be other clues to look for. A powerful clue in this situation concerns quality and detail. Quality and detail are two points that are universal to all top designer handbags.

One of theses quality details to look for on a fake piece of Chloe hardware is the color. An authentic Chloe handbag uses what is known as aged brass (matte finish). Therefore, many fake handbags will often display a shiny, gold like superficial plating. This is generally evidence of a cheaper metal being used in place of the higher quality aged brass. Therefore, always inspect the weight of the hardware, and the appearance and quality of the hardware’s color.

Another area that works in tandem with the hardware is the leather. Authentic Chloe leather, being generally calf skin, is extremely textured and soft. By comparison, fake leather will be stiff and the texture will look less natural. This means when the authentic, soft leather is combined with the heavy hardware, the Chloe handbag should collapse when sitting by itself. On Paddington bags the padlock will act like an anchor and pull the bag down. However, fake Chloe bags will tend to stand up on their own, because of the lighter hardware and stiff leather.

Good luck and safe shopping!