July 14, 2024


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Importance of Power Transformers

Importance of Power Transformers

Electricity or power has become the major part of our daily life and without electricity we cannot imagine a life today. Most of our household appliances work on electric current. We face various power problems due to voltage fluctuations. Sometimes our home appliances malfunction due to voltage problems. The solution for all these problems can be rectified only through a transformer. Power transformers or a transformer is an electrical device that is used to change an alternating current voltage from one electric circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. These transformers are employed in various mechanisms to reduce the incoming voltage or increasing the voltage of electrical equipments. These transformers have two or more windings wounded on a laminated iron core and the number of windings is based on the requirement of electric voltage that the transformer is used to supply.

There are many types of transformers like isolation transformer, power transformers, electrical transformer, audio transformer, current transformer, high voltage and low voltage transformers, step-up and step-down transformers etc. Each of these kinds has their own properties and usages in transferring voltage based on the appliance it is attached with.

Electric transformer is a device that is employed in increasing or lowering the voltage of alternating current or voltage. Electric transformers have two sets of coils called primary and secondary coils linked around magnetic fields that work as conductors. This number of windings determines the workability of the transformer. There are various forms of electrical transformers like step up transformers to raise voltage or step-down transformer to lower voltage levels that can be used in power lines or household appliances to regulate current supply and reduce electricity bill costs.

Current transformers are used to get secondary or additional current to produce current from the transformer and this helps the customers to get ample current for their various applications like metering and protective relaying in electrical power industry to get safe measurement of large currents even from high voltages. Audio transformers are designed with epoxy resin that facilitates improvements in sound qualities by removing disturbing audio signals that is sourced from other devices. Flyback transformers can convert the input voltage and current to the expected output voltage and current and these transformers are available in variety of models and sizes.

Electrical switches are the electrical components that are used to stop the electricity flow by interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another. These electrical switches are available for medium current, low current and high current appliances. Circuit breaker is an electrical switch that operates automatically to cut off or break a circuit from causing damage due to high voltage. This is vitally employed in detecting the fault in the circuit mechanism and cut the electrical flow to avoid repair of the appliance. These circuit breakers are of different types like vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers, fixes mounted circuit breakers, etc.

There are various tips that we have to consider in selecting the best transformer from the most excellent companies to enjoy trouble free and secured electrical services. The greater protection of these power transformers can be confirmed if they own the TVSS surge protection. The surge protectors are devices that guarantee safety of electrical appliances from voltage spikes by regulating the current that is supplied to the appliance. The voltage is maintained either by obstructing or reducing the ground voltages to a safer measure. Most of the power transformers that are available today have built-in surge protection to offer high quality devices to the customers.

The most significant thing that we must remember is though the electricity is much important to us we must be very careful in handling power transformers as any of misusage can kill anyone.