June 8, 2023


Technology and Computer

Quick Reload For Your Glue Sticks: The Glue Gun Six Shooter

A hot glue gun with a revolving stick holder on the back

They say that the two necessary objects in any toolbox are WD-40 and duct tape: one thing to make things go and one more issue to stop stuff from relocating. Several hackers would argue that the 3rd important software should be sizzling glue — it stops things from transferring, but nevertheless enables you to transfer it later if you make a decision which is improved immediately after all. It also performs on hundreds of stuff ranging from macaroni to microcontrollers. And let us be truthful: who hasn’t finished the “pew pew” issue with their glue gun?

[Vije Miller] made the decision to give his warm glue dispenser a little bit of a western vibe and developed himself a Glue Gun Six Shooter. Like an Outdated West revolver, it has a rotating cylinder with six rounds of ammunition that allows you continue on gluing correct away even if your glue adhere runs out in the middle of a job. A little switch on the aspect of the barrel starts the reloading sequence: a single servo rotates the cylinder, then yet another one chambers a spherical. The two are controlled by an Arduino Nano, which is driven by a 5 V USB ability supply hidden in the grip.

A crimson laser down below the barrel gives the user a superior aim, as nicely as a little bit additional “pew pew” capability. The rest of the gun is very typical, similar to what we’ve noticed in advance of in a teardown. If you are looking for a little something far more significant-tech, check out [Ben Heck]’s final glue gun.

Thanks for the tip, [Fiona Grutza]!