June 14, 2024


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Registry Utilities Review – CyberDefender Registry Cleaner

The latest born from the PC security firm CyberDefender, the registry repair utility CyberDefender Registry Cleaner(TM) is one of the newest repair tools to help your PC run at top performance.

What you may need CyberDefender Registry Cleaner

The average computer user will install and uninstall hundreds of applications during a PC lifetime. During the process a huge amount of junk will remain in the computer registry (specifically because most installation/ uninstallations do not remove registry entries which are left behind and end up cluttering the registry).

Another source of registry clutter is the extensive use of internet social networking sites like facebook. Most people are unaware of the amount of registry entries that each session on these virtual spaces make on their PC. It is only when errors crop up or the PC runs slower that computer users become aware of the problem.

Cleaning up your registry should be a routine activity.

Most computer experts recommend running a registry utility to fix registry issues in order to keep your computer running at its best performance.

Cyber defender’s new robust Registry Cleaner easily fixes the registry and restores the speed and performance of your PC, fixes system errors and crashes, backs up the entire registry and clears duplicate and junk files.

Why you would want to stay away from CyberDefender Registry Cleaner

This is yet another utility in a market that is fast getting overcrowded.

CyberDefender Registry Cleaner is a relatively new software which has not been tested in the market, and whose weaknesses may still be unknown. Like most third party cleaners, the risk of deletion of vital registry elements, especially DLL entries in something not to ignore.