April 24, 2024


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Taurus And Bio-Electrical Cell Salts Equals Health

On April 21st the Sun enters the part of the heavens called “The Bull.” Taurus was once worshipped as a healing god. In Norse mythology “The Bull” corresponds to Thor in Norse Mythology. First of May, May – Day is a gift giving day.

Taurus represents the ears, face, neck, throat, liver, gallbladder and cerebellum, the animal mind.

If the Solar Plexus is weak because it is deficient in cell salts, it will not have the energy to supply the organs. This plexus is extremely important to good health. It is like Grand Central Station of energies.

Taurus is relative to motion, work and doing. It’s real function is motion, not e-motion. The emotional life robs the body of nerve energy especially Soul energy.

One particle of Natrium Sulph has the power to attract twice it’s bulk of water containing waste products and to throw it out of the blood. The lymphatic Taruean will have it’s listlessness eliminated by taking enough Nat Sulph.

The germ theory is bogus. The only human problem is dis-ease. The system is out of ease.

General toxicity of the blood is the reason for physical and mental disease and in-harmony.

During the Spring a great many people feel lazy and debilitated. That is because the blood is deficient in needed minerals and the system is full of rubbish. Nature is working against the odds. Time for Nat Sulph.

Many people suffer from drowsiness due to the excess water in the brain cells. Their thoughts are “drowned!” In all humans at this time, there is a great need for all three Sodium or Naturium combinations. We all all drowning in our thoughts.

Many now suffer from: Irritation due to biliousness; Tendency to suicide with wildness and irritability from excessive secretion of the bile; from too much fluid of an acid nature in the cells; Headache on the top of the head; Vomiting of bile; dizziness; Tongue dirty; greenish gray or greenish brown color; bitter or metallic taste in the mouth; Violent pains at the base of the brain; Conjunctivitis, enlargement of the liver; Diabetes; Asthma; Gout; Debility;

Take your Natrium several times a day!

The Animal mind, the emotions, wastes it’s pleasures and starves the body slowly and fills it with waste water. Natrium Sulph expels this waste water from the blood. Taurus is a symbol of the second period of the cycle of life. It signifies the divine out going activity in the creation of Forms. It “Forms” the human body. Taurians who live in the tropics, especially in localities where there is great humidity must be especially careful of storing waste water. For them management of 4 full tablets of Nat Sulph a day is called for.

Astrology and the proper cell salts will improve your health.