February 27, 2024


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Electrical Services: 12 Top Tips

Electrical services can sometimes be put together with heating since they are commonly connected up (literally), but for the purposes of simplicity we’ll keep them separate in this post.

This short article is simply to explain the necessary things to look out for if you are considering hiring electrical services and what to think about if you are wanting a job done in your home or business.

Obviously depending on the size of the job that you need doing you will want the most appropriate service provider. With small jobs such as fixing a fuse or light you may not require a company with huge resources whose overheads are going to be greater and therefore whose prices are likely to be higher. A small business or sole trader tradesman would likely suffice for this. They may also suffice for much larger jobs such as replacing a central heating system but you’d need to be sure that they have sufficient back up (in terms of labour, reliability, insurance etc to carry out the work). But whoever you hire large business or small you might want to check to see if they have the following top 12 tips:

1. Are their electricians qualified to carry out the work necessary. It is easy to assume they have and too many people don’t check this – only to find out to their regret later

2. Does the company comply with health and safety standards and other regulations

3. If you call them – be sure to explain the electrical problem clearly so that they can quickly assess if this is within their area of expertise

4. Find out what their call out charge is before you get them to come. Finding extra charges on you bill can be shocking especially if it includes a high call out fee that you weren’t expecting

5. Do they do night work? Many electrical services, if they are small businesses, may not work at night – yet many plumbing problems can occur then

6. When your electrical service provider comes to your home or business try to get a quote before they begin the work

7. If new parts are required find out how long it will take them to get these. Some companies carry large stocks of materials and supplies or can get them quickly others may need to order – this could have a significant delay in getting your problem solved

8. Is their work guaranteed? You do not want to find that their repair is faulty and that they charge again for re- repairing it! Make sure you get a guarantee

9. Are they insured? Some large jobs badly done can cause other damage for which they should recompense you

10. If you are an old age pensioner, a student or someone on income support find out if they have any discounts or voucher systems that will make the work more affordable or even if they have any ‘first-time user deals or discounts – you never know until you ask

11. Find out if they cover your area

12. Comcero is confident you will find all these important aspects in the professional tradesmen who use this site.