June 25, 2024


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Lego Plays Electronic Drums | Hackaday

Lego Plays Electronic Drums | Hackaday

The skill to quickly try out an plan, and then grow and establish it, is what quick prototyping is all about. Although we are likely to consider of 3D printing when speedy prototyping is talked about, [Brick Technology] reminds us of the ability of Lego, as he quickly builds and improves an electromechanical drum device.

Applying Lego Technic items, he begins with a very simple songs box-design and style drum with moveable pins that pluck on spring-loaded levers, which in turn strike piezoelectric discs. The electronics side is simple, with the discs wired to a Roland audio module from an present digital drum kit. With the capability to immediately adjust, include and eliminate items, he swiftly finds and fixes the problem of obtaining eleven hammer mechanisms jointly and operating effortlessly.

To get close to the restricted pin space on the drum and raise the size and variation likely of the rhythms, [Brick Technology] moved to a belt layout that can accommodate appreciably a lot more pins. He also added an electric powered motor and various gearbox ratios for dependable and adjustable tempo. Jointly with his h2o vortex ball equipment, he will make us feel our workshops possibly will need a handful of hundred Lego Technic parts.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=BlaY8kSTO28

To insert to the record of excuses to get much more Lego, we have also seen the plastic blocks get utilized for all the things from RC submarines to reaction wheels and even data storage.